These 12 Actors Were Already Rich the Second They Were Born


FeaturedRichWhen we think of famous Hollywood actors, we largely think of two things: fame and fortune. And while those two things go hand in hand for most actors, this isn’t always the case. This is because some actors were already worth a fortune before they ever became famous. In fact, a lot of the most well-known actors out there today and in recent years were actually filthy rich before they even acted in a single show or movie. These 12 actors already were set for life, before they even worked a day, and you won’t believe who number 7 is.

#12 Jason Schwartzman

2014 Sundance Film Festival - Jason Schwartzman, portraitsWhile he grew up wanting to be a musician, Schwartzman had Hollywood running through his blood from birth. His mother played Adrian in the Rocky series of movies, but his mom isn’ the only famous person in his family. His uncle is Francis Ford Coppola and his cousin is Nic Cage.

#11 Nick Kroll

002--11-nick-kroll-473318Kroll is known by most people for his role on The League or as the star of his own show, called the Kroll Show. However, he was rich before he did anything in Hollywood as he is the son of Jules Kroll, who is the founder of a billion dollar company called Kroll Inc.

#10 Lindsay Lohan

003--10-lindsay-lohan--473320Lohan was on the path to stardom from a very young age, but by that point, she was already loaded. Her father, Michael, was a big wig on Wall Street and she grew up in a very wealthy part of New York. Check out the 5th entry for another world famous actress.

#9 Armie Hammer

004--9-armie-hammer--473323While he has a few different roles, Hammer is most known for playing the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network. But to be honest, playing a couple of rich kids wasn’t a far stretch for Hammer. This is because he is the great-grandson of legendary oil tycoon Armand Hammer, and as a result, his family has millions.

#8 Julia Louis-Dreyfus

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsThis woman is one of the best known comedic actresses of the last few decades, largely due to her role on Seinfeld. But before she ever showed up on your TV screen, she was worth billions, because her father owns an energy company and is worth over 3 Billion dollars. Check out the 4th entry for another person famous for their TV role.

#7 Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal

006--7-jake-and-maggie-gyllenhaal--473332While these two have amassed quite the legendary resume between them, they are not the only members of the family in the business. Both their mother and father were in the business as a director and a screenwriter. They also have traces of Swedish nobility in their families. Our next entry is another pair of siblings.

#6 Rooney and Kate Mara

007--6-rooney-and-kate-mara--473338These two are quickly making a name for themselves in Hollywood, but they have been well known in the sports world for years. This is because both of their grandfathers founded NFL teams. Tim Mara founded the New York Giants in 1925 and Art Rooney founded the Pittsburg Steelers in 1933.

#5 Gwyneth Paltrow

008--5-gwyneth-paltrow--473358While her career has slowed down a bit, Paltrow was a leading lady in films for years. And she was definitely bred to be a success as both her parents were in show business as her father was a TV producer and her mother has appeared in dozens of TV and movie roles.

#4 Rashida Jones

009--4-rashida-jones--089b55c0419912958104df54af4b5033Jones has appeared in her fair share of TV shows and movies but likely has her parents great genes to thank for some of her success. Her mother is an actress and her father is the legendary Quincy Jones, who is a music producer that has won a mind-blowing 28 Grammy awards.

#3 Kristen Stewart

010--3-kristen-stewart--473364Stewart has appeared in a lot of movies but has her role in Twilight to thank for most of her success. But on top of that, she also grew up fairly wealthy in Los Angeles. She had a TV producer and director for parents, and thus, she was seemingly destined to be a star.

#2 Paul Giamatti

"Barney's Version" Portraits - 2010 Toronto International Film FestivalGiamatti is an Oscar-nominated actor in his own right, but also had a pretty nice life growing up as a child. His father is Bartlett Giamatti, who is a professor who also served as the President for the iconic Yale University and later became the Commissioner of the MLB.

#1 Ansel Elgort

012--1-ansel-elgort--e5c20a1d8029ab5aac55aab422082c28The star of The Divergent series and The Fault in our Stars, Elgort has captured the hearts of millions. But before he was an actor, he was a millionaire. His parents were famous in the arts community, as his father spent decades as a photographer shooting in GQ, Vogue, and numerous other magazines.

So there you have it. Those were 12 famous actors and actresses who were already rich as soon as they were born. But these 12 individuals decided against just coasting off of their parent’s money, and decided to go make some of their own, which is admirable. And while they have definitely made their own money, there is a good chance that the fact that they were born rich allowed them to chase their dreams and truly do what they wanted to do in life. It is rare enough that someone is born rich, but it is even rarer when they also go on to be a star.