These 18 Photos Of The Little Girl Raised By Animals Are Amazing


FeaturedGirlTippi Degre was born to French wildlife photographers. While this alone sets her apart from many other children, her childhood was particularly different. She was raised in the African wildlife while her parents made a career out of their art. Her story is incredible, and luckily she has much photo evidence so as to always remind her of her amazing opportunities to be raised in a truly unique way. You won’t believe all of the things that Tippi was able to experiences as a child. Click through to see her remarkable story of the unique way in which she was raised.

#18 Tippi Had No Fear

001--18-tippi-had-no-fear-313876Tippi was able to grow up around these wild animals. While some might feel a little terrified when running into an elephant, it was an extremely normal thing for Tippi to experience. Not everyone has even seen a real elephant up close and personal, but for Tippi, this was something you experienced every day of her life.

#17 She Spent Her Time In Tents And With Animals

002--17-she-spent-her-time-in-tents-and-with-313894Tippi was always traveling with her family. This meant that they were never really able to live in a stable household, as traveling made them have to go from place to place on short notice. This meant that while Tippi wasn’t hanging out with elephants, she would be sleeping away in a tent. What comes next will surprise you…

#16 She Had The Mindset Of These Animals

003--16-she-had-the-mindset-of-these-animals-313933These wild animals surrounded Tippi all the time constantly. Instead of learning from her peers and the public surrounding like many children, Tippi would learn her social cues and signifiers from the animals around her. This helped her develop the mindset of these animals on a better level than humans, making Tippi a real-life Mowgli.

#15 She Was Lucky To Have Photographer Parents

004--15-she-was-lucky-to-have-photographer-p-313962Tippi wasn’t only extremely lucky to have the ability to be raised with and around these animals, but she was also lucky to have photographer parents! They were able to capture all of the special moments she experienced with these animals. And do it in a very artistic and aesthetically pleasing way!

#14 She Had A Natural Ability To Communicate

005--14-she-had-a-natural-ability-to-communi-313993When you grow up surrounded by your friends, family, and the general public, you develop a way to communicate with those around you. You know different faces and sounds mean different emotional and verbal cues. Tippi was raised around these animals, so she was better able to learn how they communicate, helping her being able to communicate back!

#13 She Is A Real Life Mowgli

006--13-she-is-a-real-life-mowgli-314023Mowgli is the main fictional protagonist of the incredible story of The Jungle Book. Not only is Tippi’s story very similar to Mowgli, but her appearance clearly shows a resemblance as well! She has earned herself the nickname, as many people make the comparison between the two fairly often.

#12 These Are Her Only Friends

007--12-these-are-her-only-friends-314045Tippi didn’t get to be raised in a public school where she would be able to have built in friends with her classmates. Instead, she was raised in the jungle, where her only classmates were baby cubs and elephants! This meant that these young animals would be her friends instead!

#11 The Animals Were Her Friends Back

008--11-the-animals-were-her-friends-back-314068Not only was Tippi friends with the animals, but these animals were Tippi’s friend back! It was clear that she wasn’t a threat to them, so they would often be kind to her right back! She treated them in a kind way and it was clear that the young innocent child was no threat to them at all, so they were able to form a special bond.

#10 She Had A Rare Connection

009--10-she-had-a-rare-connection-314094Tippi has a rare connection with these animals that one can only get when you’re raised around them. Often times, the only opportunity we get to see these wild animals is when they’re held captive behind bars or thick pieces of glass. But Tippi was able to interact with these animals, resulting in a very rare connection that not many will ever get to know.

#9 It Wasn’t Always Easy

010--9-it-wasn-t-always-easy-314116It wasn’t always easy for Tippi to fit in. The family did often interact with the surrounding villages as they would still need to get supplies and seek a shelter of their own every so often. But Tippi’s light skin and blonde hair often made her an outsider. Click through to see her way of fitting in.

#8 But She Had A Huge Family

011--8-but-she-had-a-huge-family-314133Tippi made the animals around her her family! They surrounded her and protected her, just like this elephant named Abu. She even referred to this elephant as her brother! When she had the animals surrounding her and as her family, it was never too hard for her to fit in! She got the opportunity to have a bigger family than most!

#7 Never In Real Danger

012--7-never-in-real-danger-314161Many parents would see pictures like these of a child so close to an animal and panic. But Tippi’s parents knew that they were never really putting her in that much danger. She had a special connection and way of communicating with the animals, so she was always in non-threatening situations around them.

#6 But Accidents Are Bound To Happen

013--6-but-accidents-are-bound-to-happen-314178When dealing with wild animals, you can never really bee too safe, even with an expert like Tippi. But throughout her long time with the animals, she only had a few accidents with them. There was a time a meerkat nibbled her nose and another time that a baboon grabbed a chunk of her hair! But the situations were easy to diffuse.

#5 She Couldn’t Be More Grateful

014--5-she-couldn-t-be-more-grateful--314203Despite her few mix ups with the animals, She still could never be more grateful for the opportunities she was given. She states that she loves the special connection that she has with the animals, and her rare bond was something she’d never be able to find with anyone anywhere else.

#4 She Was Given A Rare Opportunity

015--4-she-was-given-a-rare-opportunity-314225This opportunity is not something that she’ll really be able to find anywhere else. For this, Tippi was extremely lucky to be given such an amazing and not too often achievable childhood. She’ll probably meet very few people who have had experiences similar to hers. It’s something she wouldn’t trade for anything.

#3 This Was Her Every Day Life

016--3-this-was-her-every-day-life-314251This was Tippi’s just everyday life. This was her normal. While it looks very different and strange to the rest of us who were raised in public schools with our families, this wasn’t anything out of the ordinary to Tippi. In fact, our seemingly average lives look strange to Tipp!

#2 She Didn’t Know She Was Different

017--2-she-didn-t-know-she-was-different-314274Tippi never even knew that she was different. She was raised like this. She never met other children who had different lives, and she never experienced the things that most of us did. This was her normal, and the things she experienced never really gave her any sign that she might be different and unique.

#1 But She’ll Always Have A Special Bond

018--1-but-she-ll-always-have-a-special-bond-314299Tippi really couldn’t imagine having her life any other way. This was how she was taught to live. Being around animals and having these special communications with the wild beasts was very normal, yet special to her. She won’t be able to find the bond anywhere else, and it’s something unique that she’ll always be able to cherish.

Some of us never even have the opportunity to meet wild animals like Tippi has. It isn’t until we’re a little older that we’re even able to remember our trips to the zoo. When we do visit the zoo, it’s a crowded place where people stare at animals in tiny enclosures. We don’t get to see the animals interact with other species, and we definitely don’t get to be up close and personal with all of the adorable baby cubs Tippi has had the opportunity to cuddle. How might our lives be different if we could be able to interact with these animals like Tippi had? Her story is truly incredible and teaches us just how special relationships between humans and animals can be.