These Epic Tattoo Fails Will Make you Cringe, Then Smile, Then CRINGE AGAIN !


Sometimes, inspiration strikes and no amount of careful consideration or friendly advice can stop the YOLO train – you’re getting a wild tattoo! Right on the face? Probably!

While we’re not big fans of making fun of others’ lifestyle choices, indulging in a bit of schadenfraude now and again can’t hurt. We gathered some of the most spectacular and hilarious tattoo fails from around the web, and we’re sharing them with you. Enjoy the delicious weirdness!

1. No Ragrets


We had to begin with this classic image from the film We’re The Millers. This young man stated that he lives his life with no regrets, and the characters ask, “not even one letter?” It may be fictional, but as you can see with the rest of this list, it’s by no means unrealistic.

2. Eyebrow Words


This young man apparently decided that natural eyebrows, made of old fashioned hair, were just way too boring. In addition to his plethora of wildly mismatched face tattoos – including a lipstick kiss on the cheek – he’s branded his brow line with “Madison Heights.”

3. Tragedy + Comedy


While the masks themselves look totally fine, we think that the artist might want to consult a spelling book before his next job. “Tradgey” isn’t a word that we’re aware of, but then again, we don’t work in show business.

4. Unfortunate Baby Face


The sentiment at play here is utterly adorable; don’t get us wrong. We love the idea of tattooing your baby’s face wherever you like on your body. We only take issue with the unfortunate reproduction of said baby’s face – it looks more like an elderly wino than a newborn infant!

5. Energy Drink Super Fan


We’re not sure if this is a bit of inspired free branding, or a bit of overzealous fandom gone wild, hopped up on caffeine and vitamin B. Either way, we advise anyone with more than a couple energy drinks under their belt to steer clear of the local ink palace.

6. Framing The Stache


The one good thing we can say about this work of art is that at least he left some clear skin for his radiant red mustache to grow. When going hog wild on a set of face tattoos, it’s not very common for such a thoughtful omission to remain!

7. Drake’s #1 Fan?


We can only guess at the timeline that led to this proud embrace of the popular rapper at a tattoo parlor, and that guess includes alcohol at every point. Additionally, we’re left curious: were the eyebrows shaved during the procedure, or were they already gone?

8. Poor Tribute


The worst part about this tattoo is that it’s meant in loving tribute to a woman who has passed away, but the artwork might make any grieving family member absolutely lose it. We’re hoping the well-intentioned recipient of this ink gets a nice re-do at some point.

9. Spider On The Face


There is no logical reason we can imagine for this tattoo’s existence. We just want to shout “Why?!” at the heavens and avert our eyes. Spiders are terrible, face tattoos are awful, and together they make just the most perfect storm of terrible.

10. Turn The Other Cheek


Here’s a quick look at what it looks like in the immediate aftermath of a face tattoo’s application. There’s always going to be some skin irritation, but most sensible people never have to experience the sensation on their lips!

11. No Words


There’s not much to say about this tattoo that can’t be assumed from one look at its gasp-inducing absurdity. We’re not sure if the artist has ever seen a human in a bathing suit before, much less picked up a tat gun.

12. Old Man Baby Face?


Our confusion begins with the man himself. Something about the look combines an infant and an elderly person in our view. But never mind that, when you’ve got a chin beard, dolphin eyebrows, and Spiderman’s web wrapping your neck!

13. The Scariest Man Alive?


The fact that he seems to be in prison reds doesn’t surprise us; this guy is flat-out terrifying! Along with the crown of thorns and half-skull face, he’s got a third eye and a…  black actual eye? Just stop already!

14. Louis Vuitton Lover


While we’re a fan of luxury goods as much as the next person, we couldn’t imagine taking our love to the next level, like this guy did. He’s branded his entire dome with Louis Vuitton livery, looking like some sort of new handbag made out of real human!

15. ‘Merica!


While we have since discovered that this image is a particularly elaborate Photoshop job, we can’t help but imagine that it’s not far off the mark in its satire. With a look at Monster guy on this list, we feel confident guessing that someone out there looks just like this.

16. Wordy Body


We’re all for literary ambitions and everything, but this guy took it in an odd direction, and took it way too far. Not only is his body covered in artlessly scrawled and seemingly random phrases, he’s got a corporate logo on his left pec. Speak of the devil…

17. Getting The Photo Wrong, Again


These photo comparison tattoos are getting kind of painful to look at. We can see the picture, and we can see the result, but we can’t see what the tattoo artist was smoking or drinking at the time. We imagine it was something strong enough to make this seem reasonable!

18. Getting The Photo Wrong Again, Again


At least with this one, our sympathies lie with the artist; the photo looks like it was taken at night, so it was a tough image to interpret. Still, what is with the bruised looking skin tones??

19. “My Eyes Are Up Here”

57 (1)

Every time we look at this, we’re struck speechless. Was the intention some joke along the lines of “something something, my eyes are up here… oh wait,” or does it have some unforeseen cool effect when paired with the proper shirt?

20. We Know What Jesus Wouldn’t Do

What he most certainly wouldn’t do is tattoo a crude rendition of The Human Centipede on his chest. In fact, we weren’t sure that any human in the history of the planet would have done that, but we have photographic evidence to the contrary!

21. Where Shall We Start  ?


While we have no doubt that this tattoo came off exactly as planned, and the couple was more than happy with the results, we can’t help but squirm in our seats at the sheer cringeworthy look of it all. May their relationship be blessed!

22. He’s Making That Dough


Here’s a man who apparently takes metaphors both seriously and quite literally. His tattooed neck chain holds a pretty spot-on rendition of the Pillsbury Dough Boy, replete with cartoonish $ symbol money bag.

23. Mixed Message


We’re not sure where things went wrong with this tattoo. Was that 4 meant to be “or”? Does the woman hold a deep abiding loyalty for the concept of betrayal itself? Or is Betrayal the name of her pet? The world may never know.

24. Hey Now, You’re An All-Star (Literally)


We know running barefoot has been trendy lately, but this is taking things in an entirely more baffling direction. Is the person just an intense fan of Converse? Is he afraid of ever being truly barefoot? Most importantly: just how much did this tickle??

25. Sexy Six Pack


We love consistency, and this guy is all about it. The best part is that he clearly has a sense of humor about his body, which is admirable and hilarious. The worst part is that he seems to actually enjoy Bud Light, judging by the double fisting action happening.

26. Permanent Jordans


Remember the guy with Converse All-Star shoes tattooed on his feet? So does this guy. He wanted something a little more athletic, something that screams professional athlete. Behold, the tightest pair of Air Jordans the world has ever known.



Brenda. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. Brenda! Brenda. Brenda. We’re not sure, but we think this guy has a thing for Brenda. We can only hope that she was already running in the opposite direction when she saw this and began shrieking in terror.

28. Starry Night?


We can only imagine that she’s on the phone with a laser tattoo removal doctor, filled with the most exquisite form of buyer’s remorse. While the stars themselves are tastefully applied, the effect as a whole looks more “bad acne” than Van Gogh.

29. Mathematical!


We’re still undecided on this set of rather detailed math tattoos. The ladies obviously put in a lot of effort to share their camaraderie and love of high level equations, but we question their satisfaction with this life choice in the long term. College, right?

30. PSY Would Be Proud


The song might have been a massive hit, becoming the most viewed video ever on YouTube, but this just might be going a little too far. Unless this is on the skin of Korean pop star PSY himself, we’re going to toss our two cents into the “no ragrets” camp.

31. I Want To Belieb


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were quite an item a couple years back. So much so that she got his name tattooed on her wrist. The pratfalls of young love have affected most of us, but not in such a public way, so we’ve got a bit of sympathy for Miss Gomez here. We all regret liking The Biebs.

32. Typo Time


Speaking of “no ragrets,” not even one letter: enjoy! This attractive young lady seems to be proudly showcasing her new ink, not sending in a complaint photo, so maybe someone needs to let her know that there’s an errant “t” floating around that belongs on her arm.

33. Meta Ink


We can’t in good conscience call this one a fail. Is it weird? Sure. But is it well done? Most definitely! This guy is probably an artist or writer himself, and the pen perched permanently above his ear is a nice testament to his passion.

34. Pork Lover’s Paradise



Here’s another tattoo we’re not entirely sure belongs in a fail list; it was simply too interesting to ignore! Our guess is that the proud owner of this ink is a chef, or at the very least, a bold and energetic bacon enthusiast. With the shopping list of pig parts mapped out like that, he’s got a handy guide for future kitchen use!

35. Britney’s Meltdown


Far be it from us to judge, but we think that this tattoo, celebrating Ms Spears’ legendary breakdown, is in slightly bad taste. Sure, it was sort of funny seeing her brandishing an umbrella and shrieking at paparazzi, but keeping her scowling visage permanently on one’s skin seems like an awful idea.

36. What The Police?



We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that this guy was regretting his choice of tattoo when the pair of arresting officers discovered it. While everyone’s allowed to have their own opinions on the police, sentiment like this isn’t going to do you any favors in life!

37. Premature


Honestly, we’re not even sure what to say about this. The tattoo reads “finaly famous,” aside from the missing ‘L’ in finally , we’re just scratching our heads, asking who this is. Seriously, who is she? Let us know if we’re wrong, but we think the ink might have dried a little too soon.

38. Harry Pothead?


Mug shots are rarely flattering, but they can often be immeasurably improved by the appearance of a nice embarrassing face tattoo. While the lightning bolt on this guy’s forehead was inked on, as opposed to Harry Potter’s magic-based scar, we think they both might have regular encounters with strange potions and weird weeds.

39. Mixed Message, Part 2


We don’t mean to be the grammar police here, but something must be done about this tattoo. Never give up, or always give up? So rarely has a double negative been so permanent. So rarely has it been this hilarious.

40. Full Body Winning


While most of the ink work on this list falls somewhere between “whoops” and “I’ve made a huge mistake,” we can’t rightly call this one a fail. The man wears his full body tattoo with confidence, and the consistency is frankly staggering. Bravo, colorful checkered guy!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of hilariously cringeworthy tattoos as much as we had putting them together. While we’re always in favor of free expression and owning your own body, sometimes it’s a good idea to take some friendly advice. In these cases, at least, we get the benefit of some full belly laughs when other folks stood up and said, “yes, I want this tattoo!”




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