These Men Made A Horrible Discovery on the Side of the Road


FeaturedIMGWhen you’re driving down a road, especially one out in the country, you never know who or what you’re going to run into. And despite knowing that you may run into something weird on the side of the road at any time, nothing could prepare you for seeing something wild. And that is exactly what happened to father and son Bret and Zach Winigar. They were driving down a side road in Arkansas and you won’t believe what they found out. They were on their motorcycles, and this caused them to pull over and check it out.

#15 The Find


The son and father motorcycle duo were driving down the road on a cold Sunday afternoon in Arkansas. But after a while, they realized there was something on the side of the road that warranted them pulling over and stopping. What they found was a covered crate out in the ditch. You’ll never guess what was inside…

#14 The Site


The place where they found the crate was an isolated back country road in Arkansas. As you could see from the photo, it looked like they were in the absolute middle of nowhere. How the crate got out there was a mystery to them, and as a result, they wanted to check it out.

#13 It was Abandoned


If they would have seen a crate in a populated area, there is a good chance they may not have pulled over and people sometimes just toss things away. But because they were in the middle of nowhere, this added to their curiosity, but they would never expect what they would find in the crate.

#12 Getting Closer


While they had noticed the crate from the road, they knew they wanted to take a closer look to see exactly what it was. Once they got closer, they realized that the crate was indeed a pet carrying crate and had a bit of damage. It looked like it had been there for a while.

#11 Getting Even Closer


After seeing this, the guys were unsure what they were supposed to do. They had no idea why it was there or if anything was inside. But when they began to hear some strange noise from the crate, and they knew that it was time for them to investigate the crate and see what is in there.

#10 Horrific Discovery


What they ended up finding in the crate was a dog that was right near death. As it turned out, someone had abandoned the dog and locked it inside a crate before abandoning it. The dog was likely days from death and is extremely lucky that the guys pulled over to see what the crate contained.

#9 It Was a Sickening Ordeal


While people don’t know why the dog was left there, it was certain that it was there for a while. It has cuts and scrapes all over it and was basically just skin and bones. The animal was starving and not in good shape at all. The whole situation and sighting is just sickening.

#8 So What Next?


After they had discovered that the crate had contained a dog and one that was near death, the men knew that they had to do something. They took some time to think about the situation, not wanting to get too emotional. They decided they would help the dog, but a motorcycle wasn’t a good way to take the dog anywhere.

#7 They Had Another Plan


Knowing they couldn’t get the dog back on the bikes, the men decided to drive back to the house to get a truck. While this delayed things a bit, which worried the men, it needed to be done. The guys were scared that the dog was so close to death that every minute was important.

#6 Too Weak


But when they got back from their ride with the truck, they were kind of shocked to see that the dog had not run off and not gotten any worse. In fact, it was nestled up to the crate, which had once served as its prison. It was too weak to even go anywhere at all.

#5 Pure Love


It is likely that the dog had not seen or even had any contact with humans in a long while. But as soon as the dog was picked up and given some attention by these men, she offered love back to them in the form of kisses. She was very happy to see them and grateful for them as well.

#4 Bath Time


After they took the dog home, it was time to pamper it and give it a good cleaning. After giving it a great bath and helping it feel better, they gave it plenty of more food, water, and love. But even with all their help, the dog likely needed the help of a professional.

#3 Vet Time


The men knew that a dog in the serious condition like the one they found needed to go visit a vet. The vet could definitely help her more than the men could. In addition to that, the vet also revealed that the dog they had found was only a puppy, and was only about eight months old.

#2 New Family


Once she went through the awful ordeal and got through her medical check up done, she was ready to become part of a family again. The men who rescued her actually adopted her as their own and she instantly became part of the family, and couldn’t have been happier.

#1 Viral Sensation


The story of this dog and her stunning comeback from near death has gone viral recently. The dog even has her own blog and facebook page, in which she receives a ton of support. In addition to that, dog lovers have donated money to her and her family to help with the vet costs.

As evidenced by this story, you never quite know what you may find on the side of the road. But when someone finds something like a dog, struggling for life, they almost have no choice but to help it out. And lucky for the dog, the two men that found the dog, were amazing men that were dedicated to helping the dog have a new lease on life. This was an amazing story and if it wasn’t for the father and son duo, this dog may have died right there on the side of the road, which is obviously a horrific thing.