They Walked Up to a Dog Who’d Been Chained And Left To Die…This Was His Reaction


FeaturedDogOne day, the members of Rudozem Street Dog Rescue got an urgent call about a dog who had been abandoned and was in pretty bad shape. Unfortunately, they get calls like this much too often. However, their shelter was full, so it wasn’t just easy for them to send someone out to pick him up. They already had plenty of animals that needed their help and care. But they also knew that they couldn’t just leave the dog to die. It was their mission to attempt to save as many dogs as possible. So they decided to send someone out anyway to check the state of the dog. You’ll never believe what happened next. Take a peek at the incredible story of one abandoned dog left to die.

#18 The Dog Was Barely Surviving

001--18-the-dog-was-barely-surviving-314427When rescuers first made it to the innocent and abandoned dog it was clear he was in pretty bad shape. He was just barely surviving. His only source of food and water were the few people who would walk by him every day and give him the bare amounts of food scraps and water that they had to spare.

#17 People Were Told To Stay Away

002--17-people-were-told-to-stay-away-314448Those who called in the state of the dog to the rescuers actually stated that they had been told to stay away from the dog! Whoever had put him there had warned to those who may approach the dog that he had a bad disease that they could catch. They said they should all leave him there to die!

#16 He Had Deformed Legs And A Bad Cough

003--16-he-had-deformed-legs-and-a-bad-cough-314467When they did approach him, the dog did appear to have a pretty bad cough. It was also clear that his legs were severely deformed. These two things led to the possibility that maybe he really did have a rare disease. But the rescuers will still determined to help the dog and what they found out next was shocking to them.

#15 But He Was Another Friendly Dog

004--15-but-he-was-another-friendly-dog-314504They were shocked to find that the dog was actually extremely friendly! They at first were a little worried when they approached the dog in the beginning. It wasn’t clear if the dog was going to react positively to the rescuers. He had been abandoned by humans in the beginning, but he was still surprisingly trusting of these strangers!

#14 Overcrowding Was Bad

005--14-overcrowding-was-bad-314529Overcrowding was bad at the shelter. They already had the maximum number of pets they were able to take care of and then some! They weren’t sure if they’d even be able to help this hurt pup. But they were still determined to help as many dogs as possibly, so they decided they would take him in and help him.

#13 He Even Got A Name

006--13-he-even-got-a-name-314551They decided that since hew as going to be there to stay, for now, he would need a name! They decided on the name Duke! Once you name a pet, it’s a well-known fact that it becomes more difficult to give them away! It was clear now that Duke was here to stay and wouldn’t end up tied to a trailer again anytime soon!

#12 He’s Just A Puppy!

007--12-he-s-just-a-puppy--314569The first thing Duke needed to do once he made it into the shelter was to get a check up from a doctor! Who knows what this dog has gone through, and it was important to give him a health check. They discovered that he was actually only around 10 months old! But one question they still had was what was the deal with his deformed legs?

#11 What’s Wrong With His Legs?

008--11-what-s-wrong-with-his-legs--314599They discovered a shocking truth when they investigated the origin of his disfigured legs. At first, they thought it might be a genetic disorder, just the way he was born. The truth was, is that they had been badly broken when he was young and left untreated, they grew that way. They were broken by a blunt object as well, leading to them realizing someone had intentionally done that to him.

#10 They Would Do What It Takes To Save Him

009--10-they-would-do-what-it-takes-to-save--314622They decided that they would do whatever it took to help get Duke back to health. It was clear that he had experienced a very brutal and traumatic time when he was just a young and innocent puppy. They weren’t ready to give up on him yet and were determined to nurse him perfectly back to a good health.

#9 He Was Given Some Casts

010--9-he-was-given-some-casts-314652They decided the first step was to cast his legs. By doing this, they attempted to help guide his legs and joints back to a normal shape by use of the casts. They planned to do this for two weeks, plenty of time to help reshape the abused legs before he would undergo surgery to properly correct the battered limbs.

#8 Time For A Check Up!

011--8-time-for-a-check-up--314672After the two weeks had passed, it was time for a check up! Duke had actually handled having these casts binding his legs quite well! He was even getting used to walking in the bulky binders. But now, they were eager to see what progress he had made in the growth of his legs.

#7 His Health Was Improving

012--7-his-health-was-improving-315014They had shockingly improved! His limbs were already showing amazingly promising signs that he would be able to have normal straight legs once again! They also did a basic check up on the rest of his body and found that overall, his health was greatly improving and he was making incredible progress! But he still needed surgery.

#6 Still Needed Surgery

013--6-still-needed-surgery-314718Although the bones and other parts of his legs seemed to be making incredible progress back into a normal formation, doctors still urged that he needed surgery. The tissue around his legs was still damaged, so it would be necessary to help get the tissue back to normal with surgery.

#5 He’s No Stranger To Doctors

014--5-he-s-no-stranger-to-doctors-314750By this time, Duke had become no stranger to the doctors and the doctor’s office. Many dogs clam up and fear when you utter the word vet. But Duke was part of a normal process of check-ups and surgeries. He was even a pretty big pro at using the X-ray! Duke was always very well behaved when visiting the doctor’s office.

#4 The First Surgery Is A Success!

015--4-the-first-surgery-is-a-success--315016Duke’s doctors at first put off the surgery even longer than originally planned. Duke was still just a growing puppy, so they weren’t sure that he would need the same type of surgery. But the time had come, and Duke went under the knife. The first surgery proved to be a great success, and Duke was showing very promising signs of a great recovery!

#3 His Improvements Are Shocking

016--3-his-improvements-are-shocking-315018When rescuers first found the dog, they weren’t sure what exactly was wrong with him. But after months of doctors visits, leg strength training, and binding cast wearing, Duke was truly making amazing progress! He showed signs of improvement across all levels and was just a couple surgeries away from perfect health. But there was still something missing.

#2 He Was Tired Of The In And Outs

017--2-he-was-tired-of-the-in-and-outs-314825Duke was tired of constantly going in and out of the shelter as well as the doctors. He was always very well behaved, but Duke was getting increasingly tired of constantly being moved around and longed for a forever home. But one day changed his life forever and truly granted his wish! Someone had put in a request to adopt him!

#1 Now He’s Home With Family

018--1-now-he-s-home-with-family-314857The application was approved, and Duke soon found a forever home with his new mom! Duke couldn’t be happier or healthier! At first, he was just a starving dog who was chained up and left to die to a trailer. But with love and hard work, he now has good health and an even greater home!

Duke’s story is truly incredible. There’s nothing better than hearing about a dog who went from being left for dead to being more happier and healthier than ever! But unfortunately, not every dog’s story is similar to Duke’s. Dogs are abandoned and left for dead every day, but shelters like these are why there is hope for dogs without families. But it doesn’t stop there. These shelters are quickly becoming overpopulated and can’t always find the resources necessary to stay running. But those who adopt these rescue animals are truly angels that are helping animals like Duke go from abandoned to loved!