Think Your Landlord Sucks? These Renting Nightmares Are Worse Than Anything You Got


Renting can be tough. Not only can it cost more than owning, tenants can find themselves in the most awkward situations with their landlords. Technically, it is their property, and the random drop-bys and crazy rules can be expected up to a certain point.

However, for these twelve people, their landlords took crazy to a whole new level. From invading privacy to making up rules as they go and using duct tape to fix absolutely anything, nothing is off limits and no one is safe – just take a look at number 5.

Hopefully, they were able to get their security deposits back!


12. I Swear It Isn’t Mine!

There is nothing quite like proudly showing Mom and Dad your new place and giving them a peek at your new responsible adult life.

“I was showing my house to my mom and stepdad the first day that I moved in. I opened up the hall closet and my landlord had left his bong on the top shelf. Later that night…He poured out the bong water in my new front yard and drove off drunk.”

11. You Don’t Have Mail

It is the landlord’s job to make sure all of the technicalities are in place, keys are distributed, certain utilities are set up, provided appliances are in working order, etc. If these things aren’t done, well, there may not be much you can do about it.

“I moved into this townhouse about six weeks ago. The landlord gave us the wrong key to the mailbox (which is one of those cluster boxes for the whole complex). Since the landlord owns the box, the Post Office can’t do anything about it. I told him weeks ago that the key won’t work and he said he’d give us a new one. 6 weeks later when I asked him when I would get the key he said it wasn’t his problem and I still can’t get to my mail.”

10. That’s One Way To Fix It

As Taylor Swift sang, “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes,” and boy was she right.

When a stray bullet found its way into this tenant’s apartment, the landlord figured less was more when it came to repairing the wall and simply placed a Band-Aid over the damage.

Probably not the best way to fix that.

9. Free Laundry Service

Despite the house being physically owned by someone else, the monthly payment secures it as your home. For some landlords, it is hard to see it that way.

“I am renting a single-family single-story house with a basement…The landlord owns two other houses. One has three apartments and a laundry room. The other is a duplex with no laundry room. Previously the people who lived in both of those places all used the laundry room in the three-apartment one. However, there was recently a fire in the laundry room and the landlord…gave keys to seven different people to my house so that they can go down into my basement and use the laundry machines that are there.”

8. Locked Out

Being in the military is a tough job. With so much going on, it’s nice knowing that there is a home to come back to. The last thing anyone, especially someone on leave from the military, want to come home to is a lock on the door and all personal items packed into storage. Luckily, this guy made things a little more interesting.

“I came back on leave from the military and my whole apartment had been cleaned out. My landlord took all of my stuff and locked [it] inside a shed at his house. His reason…even though the rent was paid on time, he thought it was abandoned or I had died overseas, even though he knew where I was three weeks before I came home. Went right over to his house and shot the lock off with my Remington 270. He hid in his house and called the police (can’t blame him). I was arrested, but the charges were dropped and my things were promptly returned…I decided to rent a storage unit after that, since I didn’t need the apartment anyway. ”

7. New Roommates

When you’re renting a full home, it is usually presumed that any roommate you have is your choice and coming home to someone new living in the house can seem a bit invasive, don’t you think?

“I’m in New Jersey. I and my daughter were away to visit my mother the last week of August, I had told my landlord we were leaving on a short vacation as is stipulated on my lease. I live in a two bedroom apartment, where the second room was for my daughter. Well, when I got back, I found out my landlord moved his brother into my kid’s bedroom, and all my things in there were either thrown out or basically given to his brother to sell. My daughter now has to sleep with me.”

6. Try To Avoid Downward Dog

It’s a pain when the landlord decides to sell, prompting a slew of interested buyers into your house on their own time. Props to this guy who chose to make the most out of an inconvenient situation, turning it into a hysterical story instead.

“To be clear I am a male (sorry to ruin any dreams). I am moving out in the next few months, and he has been showing my place to potential new tenants and the rate of showings is getting rather annoying. So this evening, I thought it would be a good time to send a clear message that I have had enough of the showings. I was given the standard notice of when they were going to be coming by, but I wasn’t going to let that interrupt my ‘schedule.’ So when the landlord opened the door to show the prospective tenants in, the first thing the[y] see is me doing the side-plank pose naked as the day I was born. The look of horror on the lady’s face when she saw me was priceless.”

5. Duct Tape Fixes Everything

The old mantra has always been duct tape fixes everything, however, it looks like some people take that a little too literally.

Have a leak in the ceiling? No problem! Instead of wasting money on a carpenter, all you need is tubing, duct tape, and to avoid looking up.

Nothing like a cheap fix.

4. Doggy Drama

Not every landlord will allow pets, and when furry friends are allowed it is crucial to remember to keep them on their best behavior to avoid insurance issues and messes at the house. If only landlords would follow the same rules they enforce.

“My dog was mauled by my landlord’s dog, and now they’re evicting me. Their dog is known to be aggressive, and the landlords failed to secure the gate.”

3. You’ve Been Warned!

Homeowners Associations can have some of the strictest rules whether you rent or own, and those rules can come along with some hefty penalties when they aren’t followed no matter how crazy they seem.

“My husband and I used to live in a condo (that we later found out had a crazy HOA). One night, after the housing office CLOSED, the HOA put a flier up on every main entrance door saying every tenant needed a new type of sticker on their car to prove they lived there. By 10 am the next morning, every single car in the entire complex had been towed due to ‘not having the new tenant sticker.'”

2. No Girls Allowed

As long as there isn’t some crazy party going on, or excessive noise, having friends over should be completely appropriate as a tenant.

“I rent a basement from an older widowed lady who lives upstairs and the other night my longtime girlfriend stayed over for the first time. In the morning, my landlady came down and told both of us separately that I was not allowed to have her stay over. I pay $300 a month for a bedroom, den, and cooking area, shared bathroom upstairs. When my girlfriend did sleep over, I was not even home until around 4 am and we didn’t have sex that night. I have my own door leading outside and there’s no reason for her to be down here other than the freezer.”

As long as he’s sleeping under her roof, he’s got to obey her rules no matter what the rent costs.

1. There’s Just Something About You

Just a landlord casually asking their tenant who their meth dealer is since they give off that “energy.” Not sure if that is an insult to the tenant or the landlord who chose him.

There is nothing quite like being mistaken for a meth user by your landlord who appears to be casually trying to score some.

So just remember, no matter how awful your landlord may seem, it could always be much worse. It almost makes you wonder if you should be the one asking for background checks and credit reports before moving in instead of the other way around.

The only positive thing about a bad landlord is knowing that when the lease is up you can leave. However, renters do have rights, so read the lease and take action when necessary to avoid an uncomfortable living situation. Or don’t do a thing and have a great story to impress people with at dinner parties.