Unreal! This Mother And Daughter Swapped Breast Sizes


In a world filled with Instagram filters and fitness goal newsfeeds, it’s difficult not to aim for the perfect body. One mother and daughter from Cheshire, England decided to go under the knife together to switch breast sizes, and you won’t believe the results!

Slide #2 will leave you absolutely speechless!

10. Body Goals Are Everywhere You Scroll

It doesn’t take long to stumble upon fitness and beauty trends when scrolling through your social media accounts. Unattainable body standards and flawless makeup applications make it almost impossible not to feel pressured to update your look.

Our society has had an increased focus on cosmetic surgery lately, as men and women of all ages strive for perfection.

9. One Mother And Daughter Duo Needed A Change

Sixty-two-year-old Wendy and her 23-year-old daughter Beth Sharp from Cheshire, England were unsatisfied with their bodies. Both mother and daughter were self-conscious and unhappy with the size of their breasts.

Slide #6 shows these two will go to great lengths to be comfortable in their own skin!

8. Wendy’s Breast Size Was Causing Her Enormous Problems

Mother Wendy stands at only four foot 11 inches tall, yet her bra size is 38DD. Her large breast size was putting a lot of pressure on her small frame, causing her neck problems and horrific back pain.

Wendy was weary about going through with breast reduction surgery until her daughter started talking about going under the knife herself!

7. Beth Was Jealous Of Her Mother’s Size

Twenty-three-year-old Beth Sharp admits to being envious of her mother’s larger cup size. Since she was a teen, she was self-conscious of her smaller 32B bra size. “It affected my confidence. If I had a push-up bra on or chicken fillets in, I felt OK, but as a young woman, I wanted to feel good about my body,” Beth stated.

This young woman decides to take after her mom in slide #4!

6. The Two Decided To Commit To Surgery Together

Inspired by one of Beth’s friends getting a breast enlargement, this mother and daughter decided to go through with surgery together. “I thought that if Beth was going to have an operation to make herself feel more confident, why shouldn’t I? It wasn’t just about confidence. My health had suffered too,” Wendy stated.

These two women were ready to complete every step of the process together.

5. Both Women Had The Same Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Beth and Wendy Sharp both enlisted the help of a well-known surgeon named Dr. Gerard Lambe, who has worked on British celebrities. Mother and daughter even went to their consultation together, where both women chose which size cup would suit their frame best.

Talk about mother and daughter bonding time! These ladies wouldn’t change a thing in slide #2!

4. They Literally Switched Cup Sizes

“It’s funny as she was having her chest made smaller – the same size as mine were – meanwhile I wanted to go up to the size she had hated. We’ve pretty much swapped boobs with each other,” Beth stated.

This duo supported each other throughout the recovery process, and they couldn’t wait to embrace their new figures.

3. Beth Is Feeling Beautiful In Her Own Skin

“I’m single and it’s made me feel more confident about meeting a partner. Before, I would have been uncomfortable with my body, but now I feel positive about my looks,” Beth stated about her new assets. The next slide proves that her mother is just as grateful for her own surgery.

2. Wendy Was Worried About The Stigma Of Cosmetic Surgery

“I’m of the generation that thinks cosmetic surgery is a bit vain and indulgent but listening to Beth made me look at things differently,” Wendy stated. With the help of her daughter, she was able to overcome her fear of judgment and choose plastic surgery for a life she could actually enjoy.

1. The Surgery Only Strengthened Their Relationship

This mother and daughter love going shopping for clothes together to complement their new looks. “So while going for a boob job with your daughter may sound strange to some people, it was totally normal for us,” Wendy stated. Confidence is always key — and these two women accomplished it together!

In a society centered around perfection, it can be hard to find happiness with your appearance. A mother and daughter duo took it upon themselves to pursue self-confidence through plastic surgery together, and they ended up with an even stronger relationship than before.

Body positivity can be a sensitive subject, but if modifying what you were born with will bring you peace, who is anyone to judge! It’s never too late to become who you want to be — and that includes a boob job. Wendy and Beth Sharp prove you just have to go for it — even if it means going under the knife.