Wet Cats Have 22 Wonderful Looks


What do all wet cats have in common? What happens when they need a wash. While there are cats who do not dislike them, it usually takes an intense and prolonged training to get cats used to being wet. Being cold and dripping wet is just not a part of a cat’s routine. They don’t even need baths, since licking themselves allows the dirt to be evaporated. But when cats do get wet, one definite reaction is their utter negativity towards the whole experience.

People argue if wet cats can really swim. Bigger cats can, and do. Tigers, for instance, are known to soak in a pool and other watery places. They do and can swim. All felines lick themselves clean, so technically they do get themselves wet. Cats cannot sweat, which is why they need to do some grooming to stay clean. Unlike dogs, cats rely on their fur for warmth and a pressure sensor, so being among the wet cats may not always be good.

Having said that, as cat owners, it is our responsibilities to keep them clean and healthy, and one of the ways of achieving this is through a bath. Spraying water on cats who hate it might seem mean at first, but cats can and will get used to it. Bathing them also lets you keep them inside, so there are really some benefits to having wet cats. Cats are also intelligent creatures. They may not look like it, but cats can remember your faces, and have a heightened sense of smell. Even the slightest change in the air can tip them off.

For those cat owners out there, you must be able to relate to our photo collection this time. Getting a cat its bath is both fun and tiring, what with all the running around and the incessant meowing that just sounds like they are begging for you to stop. This time you can enjoy the cuteness of cats in water without having to deal with the hassle in case of wet cats.

1- Avoid being Wet
Avoiding Being Wet

eyes wide, legs awkwardly positioned, nobody else would react like this during a bath except for cats. This cat is so reluctant to be among the wet cats that you can see its tummy curving upwards away from the wetness.

2- Wet by Force
Bathed by Force

that poor little guy! Somebody definitely forced it to take a bath, and from the looks of it, somebody had to struggle. The droopy eyes of such wet cats show how much they hate being in water. This guys must have entered the water after giving up.

3- Grumpy Cat
The Grumpy Cat

what a mean look wile being among the wet cats. The fur of this cat has yet to dry and he’s already walking around on a couch. From that glare the bath must have been forced. I’m not sure whether the cat is grumpy from the bath or were originally grumpy.

4- Dislike Being  Wet Cats
Hates to Have a Bath

this is one wet feline. From top to bottom, each strand of fur must have been dripping with water. That odd look on his face must mean that it did not enjoy the bath and did not approve wet cats. Not even a single bit.

5- Wet Cats is Last Option
Eyes in Eyes, Last Option

Being among the wet cats looks so shocked! This picture made it look like he was betrayed by his owner’s call for treats, before suddenly turning into a bath. Those wide eyes make him look like he’s begging for the bath to stop.

6- Struggling with Soap
Struggles With Soap

now this is a rare sight. This cat looks calm, despite being drenched with soap and water. Cats that are trained would not fear water as much as cats that are not. He doesn’t look like he has a slight care in the world for his wetness.

7- Grumpy Cat

funny-wet-cats-7Grumpy cat alert! Did the bath make him grumpy or was he always grumpy? Either way these wet cats do not seem to enjoy it at all. This one must have struggled before being dragged into the sink. This bath being his last option to be wet.

8- Black Buddy was Caught
The Black Buddy is Wet

this wet pussy cat seems willing. It doesn’t exactly look calm, but it doesn’t seem to have struggled either. Regardless, that slightly droopy eyes must mean it tried to run but failed. Sorry black buddy.

9- No Mercy but Wet
Wet by Choice?

awwww this kitten must have meowed for mercy before being bathed. Those confused eyes should tell you how it dislike the water. Cats that recently enter your homes should receive a bath before it is allowed to roam your house.

10- Shampoo or Soap?
Shampoo or Soap, This is No Fun

Being wet and foamy like that made him look like an old man forced to bathe. These kinds of cats are usually loud and do not like to be among wet cats. Even this cat here opened its mouth a bit, probably complaining about the cold bath.

11- Wet and Slim
Lower Body is Slim

This picture tells us how furry felines really are. By getting just the body wet, we can see the difference in size from the wet area and its head to neck. The elongated body is just unreal. The water really slimmed down this wet cats too.

12- Just Relaaaxed
I am Not Licking

These types of wet cats seem relaxed, licking away its lips. It does not seem to be even slightly worried. One thing about cats that are with you for a long time is that it learns and adapts. This cat must have been bathed countless times already.

13- Fur or Fun
Got Wet, Got Slimmer

This look is proof that fur adds more than 10 pounds. If he was fluffy and fat in the earlier picture, it now looks scruffy and shaggy in the next. Don’t worry fat cat, you’ll get your warmth back once you’re dry and no more like wet cats.

14- Eye to Eye
I Feel Bothered

You can just see the curiosity of this little fellow. Despite not looking bothered, this cat seems to be meowing, most probably asking its owner when the bath is going to end as happens with all wet cats.

15- No Mess, I wait
Towel to Dry Myself

Do not mess with this cat. The towel around its back seems to add to its mean look. Somebody must have forced it to take a bath, a bath it did not enjoy, not even one bit. If only cats can talk…

16- Shower for Fun
Shower on Me Alone

If this is the same cat in picture number 15, then that picture must have been a misleading one. In this picture the wet cats don’t seem bothered by the shower at all. Looking up like that, it looks like it is prepared for the worst.

17- Jump Out
Looking Up to Jump

This is a usual sight. That forced look is a must on all water haters. With its front legs up on the edge of the tub, it looks like someone had a gun to the cat’s head, and it is reluctantly having that bath. That look tells how anxious it is for the bath to end like all wet cats do..

18- Me and My Towel
Towel is Cool

Is it just me, or is this cat really threatening to kill its owner who gave him his bath? That looks would go well with the line “Just you see. I’ll get back at you one of these days.” The wet fur on its head looks like hair too.

19- Another Shower
Another Shower

Another picture on the wonders that water has on cats. The first picture shows how he is avoiding the water, while in the latter he is all wet and thin; its fur wet and dripping. Most cats hate water, but this one seems to be hanging in there.

20- Drenched
Fully Drenched

“Not this again” say these wet cats. One cannot overlook that almost-moody-look on its face. It doesn’t exactly look comfortable, but at least it’s not running away. Plus it does not look like this is its first bath.

21- Looks from Under the Hair
Looking like Indian Hero

That is one cool hair. You can’t really get that hair over eyes, even if you take your cat to a pet salon. You might need a closer look, but his eyes tell you how he hates baths.

22- Thin Neck is Cold
Thin neck, All Wet

Those round eyes of this cat tell us how he or she is a bit cold. The thin neck seems like the cat has been shuddering after a cold bath. It might not look like it, but this wet cats is not that bothered by the cold bath.

While it is necessary to give your cats a bath every now and then, too much bath can be harmful too. For instance, if water were to enter a cat’s ears, then that cat would be more susceptible to viruses and infections. Bathing your cat is also recommended to be done in a close, tight space, like a bath tub. This is to prevent it from running around getting the whole house wet.

Since it is coldness that cats have a thing against, it is advisable to bathe your feline companions with warm water. Normal human soap should not be used on wet cats either, so instead use a specialized pet bath foam. One of the reasons to get your feline companion clean is to get rid of their lice if they have any. This is an important step for those cats that live indoors with you and your family.

As a responsible owner, always remember not to give your cats too much bath. Always dry a cat with towels immediately after a bath. Most people cannot stand their pets shaking off the water from their body directly onto the walls and couch, so dry them properly. If you are a cat owner, you are more than welcome to contribute photos of your wet cats so us cat lovers can share the joy of washing our cats!

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