Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight, Gets EPIC Revenge On Her Bully


Being healthy isn’t always easy. Obesity is rising at an epidemic rate, and this is mainly caused by lack of exercise and poor nutrition. Fast food high in calories and loaded with fat is readily available, and it costs little to nothing to purchase. Emotional eating and other mental illness also contribute to binge eating and obesity, and one young woman knew this all too well. One day she decided to make a change after getting rejected by a crush, and what happens when she loses half her body weight is truly shocking. You won’t believe her transformation in slide #2!

10. Weight Is A Big Issue

Snack foods and soda have become staples of the American diet. Diets high in fat and calories have led to larger waists and the growing problem of obesity, and a complimenting sedentary lifestyle is only making the problem worse. One young woman fell into the trap of maintaining a poor diet with lack of exercise, and it started to show.

9. This Girl Knew What It Was Like To Be Heavy

Rachael Heffner, a student from Indianapolis, grew up developing unhealthy eating habits that contributed to her excessive weight gain. It wasn’t until the year 2004 that her weight really started to spiral out of control. One tragic event caused Rachael to go down an unhealthy road that led to her obesity.

8. Tragedy Struck Rachel And Her Family In 2004

Rachael’s mother became very sick and passed away in 2004. Rachael reveals that she was always a little heavier as a child, but her mother’s tragic passing in 2004 caused her to really pack on the pounds. It wasn’t until she was turned down by a crush from college due to her experience that she decided to turn her life around and get back in shape. You won’t believe what she looks like in slide #3!

7. Her Diet Needed A Serious Upgrade

Without her mother’s guidance, she turned to sugary snacks and beverages to cope with the loss. She decided to stop eating so much sugar, cut her portions in half, and starting hitting the gym on a regular basis. She started with a BMI of 50 — a body mass index in the highest range — and she had a long journey ahead of her. She had the motivation of proving everyone wrong to push her to absolutely remarkable results!

6. Rachael Started To Shed A Ton Of Weight

This college student has dropped from her starting weight of 285 pounds to 145 pounds, and the results have been absolutely stunning. She literally dropped half of her body weight, and the most shocking part of the story is who wanted her attention after her huge transformation. Slide #1 reveals you should never count someone out!

5. Her College Crush Now Longed For Her Affection

Once Rachael slimmed down, her figure she was catching everyone’s attention, especially those who had turned her away in the past. Her college love interest that once turned her down for being too heavy was now looking to start a relationship with Rachael. Her response to his advances is absolutely epic.

4. Rachael Turned Him Down — And Rightfully So

He asked her out a few times since her amazing weight loss. Rachael told him that she was no longer interested and that they should just remain friends. She also revealed to him one key detail about her weight loss that had him shocked. Slide #2 shows that life after weight loss can be tough in more ways than one.

3. Rachael Revealed He Was Her Main Inspiration

Rachael told her old college crush that he was the main reason she was inspired to turn her life around and shed the weight. He apologized for his snap rejection due to her appearance when they were younger, and it’s really a great message to never judge a book by its cover.

2. Rachael Is Starting To Deal With Excess Skin

Rachael’s appearance is literally shocking, as she is sleek and in shape. Although she is ecstatic with her new figure, she is now dealing with excess skin from losing half her weight. She is trying to raise the money needed to remove the excess skin and complete her total transformation.

1. This Young Woman’s Story Can Inspire Others To Overcome Obstacles

Rachael wouldn’t change her journey for the world. She is glad her college crush rejected her, and she knows it gave her to the chance to become who she was truly meant to be. Rachael is definitely a warrior, and her story can inspire you to get moving now!


Rachael Heffner’s decision to change her life and shed half of her body weight can serve as an inspiration to everyone who is looking to live a healthier life. It doesn’t matter what motivates you, whether it be to prove everyone wrong or to feel comfortable in your own skin, all that matters is that you are pursuing what will make you the happiest. One lifestyle change can transform your entire life! Comment any weight loss or lifestyle tips you have used that have changed your life, and be sure to share with your friends and family who are looking to get in shape.