Women Will Never Admit To These 10 Icky Habits, But They’re True


Women like to tell men how gross they are—but truthfully, we can be pretty gross, too. I’m here to fill you in on all of our little secrets. Here are 10 things that all women do that we’d probably never admit. Just wait until you read #7…

10. We Wear The Same Bra For Several Days


We like our bras worn in because they are more comfortable that way. We also wear the same bra repeatedly because it’s our favorite one and we don’t feel like running a delicate cycle more than once a week. Don’t judge us (yet). #9 is way worse…

9. Using Tampons For Longer Than We Should


So there’s this warning about toxic shock syndrome that we all pretty much ignore. While we’re supposed to change our tampons once every four to six hours, many women exceed that time frame—by a lot. Heck, there have been times where it’s been eight to 10 hours for some of us.

8. We Rarely Shave In The Winter


Shaving our legs in the winter is really unnecessary—it’s not like we have anyone to impress. It’s too damn cold to worry about impressing anyone. We’re wearing pants almost all the time from December through March anyway. Plus, we like to think that the hair gives us an extra layer of warmth.

7. We Don’t Wash Our Hair For Several Days At A Time

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Washing our hair takes energy that we sometimes just don’t have. It can actually be better to shampoo hair less frequently, anyway. Even when we sweat it out during kickboxing, we still won’t come home and use shampoo. We’re that dedicated.

Grossed out yet? We’re just getting started.

6. We Love Peeling Dead Skin Off Of Our Bodies


Whether it’s a blister or dead skin after a sunburn, we love peeling anything that will peel. We will spend hours just picking at things and we enjoy every minute. You can go ahead and add nail polish to this category too because we’ll pick all of that right off.

5. We Fully Investigate Our Bioré Nose Strips


There is nothing better than putting on a Bioré nose strip, waiting 15 minutes, and then slowly peeling it off, examining every little thing that came out of our faces. While we always wish there were more blackheads than hairs, we live for these moments.

We also want to put one on our guy, peel it off of his nose, and examine that, too.

4. We Judge Dirty Clothes With Our Noses


Nine times out of ten, we judge the level of dirtiness of clothes by the way they smell. If something is in the hamper that we really want to wear, we will smell it to determine if we can actually wear it or if it needs to be washed. And then there’s #3…

3. We Pee In The Shower


All drains go to the same place, right? Most women have peed in the shower at least once. It just makes sense because it’s so darn convenient. Plus, it’s really the only time we get to pee while standing up, so just let us have our moment, will you?

2. We Pick Our Noses… A Lot

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We might complain about how often you pick your noses, but we’re not really concerned with the picking itself. We want to know where you’re putting your treasure. We will dig around for quite some time, but we don’t fling boogers around. We are ladies, after all.

1. We’ve Used Toilet Paper As Pads

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It happens. We’re in a public restroom, we get our periods, and we don’t have a tampon or a pad to protect our panties. So, we do this nifty toilet paper folding thing and stick it in our underwear to hold us over. It’s actually quite a lifesaver.