WOW…These 18 Secrets About Space Are CRAZY!


FeaturedNasaHuman beings are fascinated with space. We constantly seek answers to questions like, “Are we alone in the universe?” From the second that man first set foot on the Moon, the possibilities of what we can accomplish have seemed limitless. New space exploration missions are set all the time, and the latest ones have us trying to establish life on Mars as a possible relocation for mankind if needed.

With all the attention to space that there’s been over the past decades, there’s still a shocking number of secrets and cover-ups that have taken place.

Find out some of the most shocking secrets about space!

#18 Majestic-12

001--18-majestic-12-310726Secret organizations seem to exist in abundance, what with the Freemasons, Illuminati, and now the Majestic-12. The organization is reportedly made up of numerous scientists and politicians, and it’s claimed that it even featured Harry Truman while he was the President of the United States. The group’s goal is to learn of extra-terrestrial beings aka aliens.

#17 The Dead Cosmonaut

002--17-the-dead-cosmonaut-310346The space race was in full swing in the 1960’s between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviets claimed that they launched the first manned satellite in 1961 with Sputnik and that the first man in space was Yuri Gagarin. Italian brothers Judica-Cordiglia claim that Gagarin wasn’t the first man in space because they were monitoring ground to space communications weeks before his launch and they supposedly heard transmissions of a cosmonaut slowly dying somewhere in space. The Soviet government denied this fact, but conspiracy theorists think it might have been a cover-up to preserve their reputation.

#16 Mars’ Nuclear Explosion

003--16-mars-nuclear-explosion-dfc2cce8c3bf4cde6fb7ea7ebee13fbbDr. John Brandenburg came up with a wild theory that claims there are two civilizations living on Mars, the Utopians and the Cydonians. He suggested that a third alien species destroyed the two groups with nuclear weapons because of the planets rich supply of Uranium and Thorium. If this were true, the fear would be that this same alien race could extinguish our planet like they did Mars.

#15 The Lucifer Project

004--15-the-lucifer-project-310417Rumors abounded that NASA once put a mission together to Jupiter’s moons to see if they could somehow turn Jupiter into another sun. While there’s no evidence supporting “The Lucifer Project,” NASA did announce a $255 million budget to send a ship to Jupiter’s largest moon, Europa. If you thought that was crazy, check out this next NASA secret…

#14 Unidentified Object In The Starburst Galaxy

005--14-unidentified-object-in-the-starburst-f79f1ad0867c519dfe53e9a82a44a8f7Messier 82 is known as a starburst galaxy, and it’s located roughly 12 million light years away from Earth. Some astronomers discovered what they felt were radio waves in Messier 82 back in 2010. The likely source of these strange waves seems to be some kind of extraterrestrial being. Could this mean we are not alone in the universe?

#13 Supermassive Black Holes

006--13-supermassive-black-holes-310427Black holes are supposedly huge stars with large density and mass, and some interpret them to be transportation portals to other universes or galaxies. They put off immense gravitational fields that are stronger than any other celestial body. Apparently, once a few thousand years have passed, black holes attract each other, collide, and then grow even bigger.

#12 USA-193 Spy Satellite

007--12-usa-193-spy-satellite-310873In 2006, a rocket containing satellite USA 193 was launched by the Vandenberg Air Force Base. The satellite was commissioned as part of an intelligence program to spy on other countries. The  satellite was predicted to crash back on earth in 2007 due to orbiting issues, but the US then decided to destroy it via missile in 2008. People suspect that the reason why is because it contained hydrazine, a toxic fuel, and that the US government was worried the satellite would come into possession of another country.

#11 Pole Shifting

008--11-pole-shifting-76481c987f1e25030f72c3be49505f89Some people claim that the Earth revolves on a different axis, so the north and south poles aren’t always located where they should be. Many also subscribe to the belief that the Earth will someday go through another massive polar shift, which will result in new continents rising from the sea and others sinking. Conspiracy theorists even believe that the government is aware of this fact but are shielding the public from it to prevent widespread panic.

#10 Hypernova

009--10-hypernova-310959Most people have heard of a supernova, but now there’s such a thing as a hypernova. When a star collapses on itself and explodes, that’s a supernova. A hypernova is an even worse version of that, and it only happens when a star 200 times bigger in mass than the sun collapses into a black hole. It might be rare, but now you know what it’s called!

#9 Rogue Planet Theory

010--9-rogue-planet-theory-341b26c90468930cd98140505963e8d0The Rogue Planet Theory states that there are numerous other planets floating around in space and that the axis of their moons isn’t the axis that they’re revolving around. That means that there may actually be twice as many planets not revolving on an axis, a number that would nearly equal as many as the stars.

#8 Crab Pulsar

011--8-crab-pulsar-bbdaccaa579506f2656a707c3c072301The Crab was first discovered in 1054 A.D by Chinese astronomers, and it’s been involved in numerous studies since then. It’s located at the center of the Crab Nebula, and it’s considered to be a relatively young neutron star. It’s only one of the few optical pulsars that have been identified.

#7 Space Tunnels In The Milky Way Galaxy

012--7-space-tunnels-in-the-milky-way-galaxy-310677There’s a famous scene in the movie Men In Black where all of a sudden everything zooms out, and the milky way is inside a marble that’s being picked up by some alien in a train station. A recent theory sounds a lot like that, and it states that by combining the latest Big Bang copy with a map of the dark matter in the Milk Way Galaxy seems to show the existence of space-time tunnels. Some of these tunnels might even be as large as the galaxy itself.

#6 Roswell Incident

013--6-roswell-incident-311537A rancher named Mac Brazel found some strange debris near Roswell in July 1947. The debris was so odd that he had no idea what it was, and it’s reported that the government eventually intervened and confiscated all of the debris for extraterrestrial studies. Many people still talk about the Roswell Incident as one of the iconic alien incidents in American history.

#5 Moon Base

014--5-moon-base-fbc6a295b99c92a75113d39f560ffa19Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies wasn’t a real doctor or even all that intelligent, but if he could build a moon base, then it should be theoretically possible for a government to build a base up there. Some people believe a moon base is very likely, and that it’s either been established by the United States, Nazis, or even aliens. Photographs from NASA seem to indicate no moon base of any kind, but if there is one up there, we hope it’s not manned by aliens or some evil super villain.

#4 Planet X

015--4-planet-x-5541f09563125b4433ba65bae62cf6daSome conspiracy theorists claim that the planets in our solar system that we learned about in school are missing a key planet, and that unnamed planet is also gigantic. It’s called the Planet X theory, and it claims that when this big planet comes near Earth it causes natural disasters like earthquakes.

#3 Dark Energy Forces

Handout image from The Virgo Consortium from 2009 of a computer simulation to illustrate the distribution of dark matter in the Universe, as secrets of the universe are to be revealed as a new telescope equipped with the world's most powerful digital camera begins its observations of the night sky. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Thursday June 17, 2010. The Pan-STARRS sky survey telescope, known as PS1, will enable scientists to better understand the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy, the material that is thought to account for much of the mass of the universe but has never been proven to exist. See PA story SCIENCE Telescope. Photo credit should read: Boylan-Kolchin/The Virgo Consortium/Durham University/PA Wire

If you’ve ever seen “Star Wars” before then you probably feel like you’ve heard of “dark energy forces” before. What we’re talking about, though, is forces that could affect gravity on a cosmically large scale. These forces can actually speed up gravitational changes. It might not be as cool as Darth Vader force choking someone, but it’s still pretty cool!

#2 Interstellar

017--2-interstellar-b9e1e5d5db4150bf3fa2dd202b50c490Interstellar isn’t just the name of the popular Matthew McConaughey film, it’s also the type of explorations that mankind has struck out on for years in attempts to find another Earth-like planet. From the missions that have already taken place, humans are relatively confident that there’s another planet that could sustain life similar to our own.

#1 The Face On Mars

018--1-the-face-on-mars-311930Mars has been reasonably well-explored by NASA, and they shocked the world when they released images from their voyage that showed what looked like a face on the surface of Mars. People immediately theorized that the pictures were of an actual face and that it proved some kind of alien civilization exists or existed at one point on Mars.

Even though few of us are likely interested in becoming an astronaut, we all share this amazement of what lies in space. Each new piece of information is absorbed with rapt attention, and any evidence of other kinds of life out there is simultaneously fear-inspiring and incredible.

We hope that this has buffed up your knowledge of space a little bit more and that it’s wet your appetite for the new discoveries that are bound to be made.

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