“WTF” Is The Only Rational Response To These 15 Pics


From ridiculously funny memes, dangerous and daring pranks to awkward confessional stories, the world wide web never fails to surprise. It’s definitely no secret that the internet can be a weird place but it’s rare to come across things that are not just incredibly weird but absolutely unexplainable.

With that being said, we have put together a list of the top 15 WTF pics that will leave you feeling nothing less than dumbfounded and at a loss for words (check out image #11 because it may just be the weirdest thing you’ll ever see in your entire life).

15. Fine Dining At An Extremely High Altitude

A spectacular view, fresh air, the open sky and death if you happen to slide off your seat. This elevated restaurant may just be the scariest place to take your significant other on a date, or anyone for that matter. Well, if the food doesn’t kill you, the fall might.

14. Stuck In A Tight Spot

Parking in close quarters requires a considerable amount of skill, precision and an eye for detail to pull it off, but what happened in this scenario is nothing short of baffling. Just how in the world did this individual miscalculate to such a ridiculous extent? Talk about being boxed in!

13. Pedestrian’s Right Of Way Is The Only Way

In 2013, an estimated 150 thousand pedestrian accidents were reported in the United States of America. Ample laws have been implemented to regulate motorists, but it’s time laws are instituted to prevent pedestrians from using the roads as their sitting room. It seems like these 2 guys wanted the 4D experience. The next road image is even weirder than this!

12. Fast And Furiously Sinking A Car

Sometimes natural disasters strike unexpectedly, and people can react in a reasonably rash way. In this case, however, there’s no logical reason for why this motorist ended up sinking his car in the middle of a road filled with water. If you’re not Vin Diesel, don’t try to drive on water.

11. The Largest Beer Belly In The World

Chugging down beers can easily catch up to any person, and all those useless calories quickly add up. Most people end up with a slight beer belly, but we may have just come across someone who drank himself into a giant living beer belly. It might be time to substitute water for beer.

10. The Ice Age Is Upon Us…Again

You need to stay indoors, because we may be on the verge of an ice age. That, or this poor animal found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Needless to say, it gives us the chills thinking about what led to this innocent fella turning into a meat popsicle. Can you spot the message in the picture?

9. A Ride Pimped By The Most Frugal Man On Earth

We get it, new tires are expensive, but jumping back in time to when we used tires carved from wood may not be the best set of wheels for a modern-day Hummer. With that being said, one cannot ignore the fact that this vehicle will never suffer from deflated tires.

8. Could This Be One Of The Most Dangerous Constructions Ever Attempted

The men and women who put their lives on the line to develop properties in dangerous places like this deserve more credit than they get, because this looks absolutely petrifying. One wrong move and you’ll find yourself plummeting through the air. Guess what? This doesn’t come close to the mind-boggling structure in the next slide!

7. A One Track Ride To The Hereafter

People claim that magic is a figment of the imagination, but when you stumble across a railway line perfectly levitating on thin air, it makes you question your sanity and the vastness of this crazy universe. Let’s just say that this is the perfect set up for one last Final Destination movie.

6. Never Trust Someone With OCD To Wash Your Car

Most people desire that crispy clean shine and smell of a brand new car, and they’re always in pursuit of a carwash that can deliver a top-notch service. This guy, however, might have skipped the car wash manual. Who knows how many cars suffered a similar fate at the hands of this smart gentleman.

5. Anyone Up For Fresh Breast Milk Ice Cream?

Nothing beats a delicious cold ice cream on a hot summer’s day, but it’s not exactly the healthiest treat on the planet. Well, that statement is now moot, because fresh breast milk ice cream offers all the vitamins and nutrients you need to grow into a strong and healthy adult. Let’s show some support for the lactating mother who took the time to share her milk.

4. This Guy Is Half Human – Half Werewolf

Rumour has it that popular shaving brands are currently working on designing blades that provide a clean shave for werewolves, and the man in this image is in talks of becoming the brand ambassador for this new werewolf-friendly line of shaving blades. Not to forget, aliens are real, too. On the topic of strange animal events, take a look at the next slide.

3. There’s No Approval Like A Seal Of Approval

Reliable, fuel-efficient and cost-effective, Toyota is clearly the go-to car for the average folk and as it turns out – the average seal. How did a sea creature this large end up in a suburban area? Why was it trying to catch a ride on a Toyota? These are questions we may never discover answers for. We’ll just have to find a way to live in disbelief.

2. He’ll Have His Meat Cooked Medium-Rare

Legend has it, he’s still trying to cook the same piece of meat. In his defense, it’s not like he’s from the modern age where computers and telephones are a thing wherein he could push a button and find out how to cook meat. Oh, wait! We’re wrong.

1. This Man Might Have Created Yoga

There are people in the world who are gifted with ridiculous levels of flexibility, and then you get this guy who may just be the God of flexibility. One has to wonder whether he tore every single muscle and ligament in his crotch area to pull this off. Either way, we feel the pain of this impressive display.

Without a doubt in our minds, these 15 insane WTF pictures are the craziest things you will ever come across online. Well, at least up until now. We apologize for any headaches sustained from trying to explain the reasoning for the bizarre scenarios in the above-mentioned images.

We’re more than certain that weird and unexplainable things will continue to pop up on the net and you can bet that we’ll be on it. For now, smash that share button so that all your friends and family can have their minds blown to smithereens with no hopes of recovery.